The stress of having a family in 17 memes.

We all know that having a family can be intense and complex. How we maneuver all the different parts of our busy lives, we don’t know. But it is better to laugh than cry about it. Let’s share some of the burden by looking at some fine memes about being a parent and having a family.

  1. It’s all still fun at first…
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2. But then it starts with constantly trying to save your kids from themselves and keeping them alive:

Common chimpanzee - *at the doctor's office* Mom: Please, don't touch anything Toddler: @babygirlslife 201

3. No amount of toys can counter kids boredom:

funny parenthood memes 23 (1)

4. Sleep is underrated, let alone keeping your relationship great while not sleeping:

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5. Speaking of sleep, try to get the kids to sleep is a never ending struggle:

Memes, Good, and Kids: When it's time to start the kids' bedtime routine Prepare for battle! Photo Grid Good luck tonight. (via @isitbedtimeyetblog)

6. And don’t even think about having fun after they go to bed or you’ll pay the next day:

Memes, Hangover, and Kids: How it feels waking up with a hangover when you've got kids..

7. You would assume kids need food to stay alive… think again:

21 hilariously relatable memes for toddler parents. These funny toddler memes will have you nodding along in agreement and spitting out your coffee laughing! #funnymemes #toddlers #momhumor #dadhumor #lifewithkids

8. Getting them to eat healthy takes another couple of years of your life:

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9. Trying to control the grandparents from going overboard 

Gerelateerde afbeelding
24 lol pics life - Thug Life Meme

10. Bathtime is always relaxing…

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11. And leaving the house always works out smoothly:

Yes! I am an innocent spirit of light and purity until that fourth time and then I am a rage demon and damned if the little tadpoles don't smarten up and listen THEN!

12. You were stressed planning and going on holiday before having kids? Think again:

Family, Migraine, and Stress: Types of Headaches Migraine Hypertension StresS family holidays

13. While don’t we all declare parental bankruptcy while we’re at it:

I NEVER spend money on myself....Grayson's needs will always outweigh mine....

14. Kids don’t only cost you all your money, but also all your time:

haha every time

15. At least you have your own mind right? Wrong!:

16. But still kids are really cute. So you want them in family pictures all happy and joyful?? Think again:

bad fam photos 7 These funny family photos gone wrong are seriously hysterical! #funnypictures #familyphotos #epicfail #funny #LOL #badfamilypics #humor #familyphotoshumor

17. In the end you just give up on a nice family picture and end up in one like this yourself: 

bad fam photos 10 These funny family photos gone wrong are seriously hysterical! #funnypictures #familyphotos #epicfail #funny #LOL #badfamilypics #humor #familyphotoshumor

Even though family life and raising kids is stressful,  you still want to remember the good (and maybe also a little of the bad) to look back on later. You only have one chance to see your kids growing up. So save yourself some stress, you have enough of it as is,  and create a photo book with Booki, completely zen!