Dedicated to keeping your memories safe!


About Us

A startup ready to take on the big players.

Booki is a Dutch startup, founded in 2018. Our goal is to keep your precious memories safe. We’ve made a 'chat bot' (a kind of app in Messenger) that helps you create a photo book within 2 minutes.

An app with charm!

Despite the fact that our app is largely automated, we do want to provide a personal service.

Our Team

These are the people behind the scenes!

Martijn Jansen

Founder Booki. Designer. Maker

Yuri Oosterveen

Co-founder Booki. Marketing expert

Camiel de Roos

Social Media Manager

Mat de Gol

Web Designer / Digital Marketer

Feel free to contact us!

You can mail us at:

Or type "help" to Booki in Messenger and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!
Kvk: 60486023
Kastanjelaan 400
5616 LZ Eindhoven, Netherlands